Equals Darnell's Power Forum Plus Green Building Power Forum Plus Smart Grid Electronics Forum
Darnell's Energy Summit

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Who Should Attend

This focused three-day international conference will serve a broad audience of power electronics and system design professionals. Among the major constituencies served by this unique event are:

Individuals interested in applications related to the emerging area of "ultra-low power" electronics, primarily in wireless applications such as mesh networks, wireless sensor and control applications, microelectromechanical (MEMs) systems, and so on.

Individuals interested in the latest practical advancements related to the use of digital power control techniques in electronic systems and in power converters, digital energy management and power management in electronic systems and facilities, and so on.

Individuals interested in the integration of distributed generation resources, micro grids, power systems communications, power quality, instrumentation and monitoring, supporting plug-in hybrid vehicles, large-scale energy storage, and so on.

Attendees are expected to include:

  • Power conversion company executives and engineers
  • Electronic equipment design professionals and engineers
  • Executives and engineers from wireless sensor and control system companies
  • Energy harvesting technology specialists
  • Smart grid product and system developers
  • Advanced battery technology executives and engineers
  • Electric utility executives and engineers
  • Power management and power conversion design professionals and engineers
  • MEMs system designers
  • Component suppliers
  • Applications engineers
  • Power system specifiers
  • Commodity managers for electronic system makers
  • Procurement engineers
  • Research and development professionals
  • Industry analysts

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